Conference Learning.

We can easily estimate the loss and the worsening conditions caused by the pandemic of the twenty-first century. We have changed our lifestyle until a proper medication or a vaccine is developed. So, in this alarming situation social distancing has become an integral part. That's why people have to approach each other through internet access. This is not only limited to certain friends or family connections but also every person performing meetings regularly is disturbed a lot. Every coming day has been proved to be a challenging one. Some people will only see the gloom and sadness everywhere though the future is bright for the upcoming generations as humans have evolved more powerfully with every difficult situation caused on earth.

Talking about the normal visits and meetings that some company owners or some businessmen adopted daily as in-person visits are not being postponed due to the wake of this pandemic. But this is a modern age and everything has a solution. Online video conferencing has become more common among the people these days. Many of the students and teachers are being connected through various online platforms and video conferencing. So, this process has lessened the impact caused by the pandemic to some extent but not fully. That's why everybody is hoping to be in the same old world without any delay. But when that day will come then there should be a changed world among us with many changing and innovative ideas.

Virtual Meetings.

Considering a meeting in which a person visits another one physically has been abandoned nowadays. A new method has been adopted by using certain software and techniques to attempt a meeting that can be mostly similar to the physical meeting and that is called a virtual meeting. This implementation has changed things a lot and gathered people on the same platform so the can stay connected. This thing will create long-lasting effects on society and can change people's behavior towards in-person visits but there will two types of people. One with the same old thoughts demanding the physical meeting standards and others with the new thoughts of virtual meetings.

We can't change the upcoming events and thoughts of people but we can modify the technologies according to our needs as we have proved earlier that physical meetings can be converted into virtual meetings in case of need. The main thing is that all the procedures are cost-free and none of the linked persons have to pay any type of expense for such meetings using internet services. It has been a promising approach for our bright future and hence virtual meeting has been adopted worldwide for better learning and management purposes.