If a person wants to embark himself on a Ph.D. journey as many others lucky and brave ones have done before.. then he should know about his research on eligibility and Ph.D. entry requirements early on. Applying for such a big program requires a sense of motivation and dedication so that the degree may arise enthusiasm for discoveries and new theses.

The degree has some requirements of which a person should be aware such that these requirements are basic things before entry in the Ph.D. program. Some of the requirements that a person should know before applying are given as:

1. Your previous academic performance.

The main thing to enroll in a Ph.D. degree is that you should know how talented and intelligent you are. Your previous academic record from your previous institution where you have done bachelors will give an idea about your intellect. So, a university can guess about your performance from your academic record. Some programs require a Masters's degree before enrollment to Ph.D. but some institutions may also enroll even after bachelors. So, you should have e good previous academic performance for applying to a perfect institute.

2. English or another foreign language certificate.

If you want to do a Ph.D. in a language that is not your native then you have to pass a language exam which will be the gate to such degree. For a Ph.D. in the English language, you have most likely had to present the results of IELTS or TOEFL. This will be specified in the requirements for each degree program.

3. Letter of Recommendation.

The university will require a recommendation letter that should be ideally provided by the previous institute about your performance of the bachelor's program and hence your eligibility status. This can be written by the people who supervised you in the work community service. This will enlighten your ability for your desired doctoral program.

4. Research Proposal.

The research proposal is the most important part of the whole application as it demonstrates the background knowledge of the topic, methodology, and proposed research plan. You can get advice and feedback on your proposal from your academic colleagues, supervisors, etc. The more you get feedback the more you have the chance to produce an excellent proposal.

5. Letter of motivation.

You will always have to submit a letter of motivation about your dedication and to specify the objectives and determination to work hard on a project. You should focus on describing the research areas in which you are interested and qualities and qualifications that can contribute to the field of study.

6. The entrance exam for Ph.D.

Some universities also require you to take a Ph.D. entrance exam. This will be the test to verify your abilities about your eligibility. This is also called GRE(Graduate Record Examination). This test will promote you through the gate of entry for a Ph.D. degree.

Application Process.

You can apply to any of your desired university by knowing the above requirements. You may have to fill some forms and submit some letters as described above. The eligibility will mainly depend on your previous performance, your interests and your passion to discover that field. You can apply by visiting the sites provided by the universities offering such programs of your interests.