It is an era of science and many of the discoveries of human beings have led the society in which
we are getting every benefit. We are free to think and an open-minded world is being established.
In all these opportunities, education is also one of them and every person has a right to get an
education and make a contribution to society through his knowledge. As we have seen the
developed countries are far more ahead in the field of education from other countries which are
on the path of development. This difference is due to the standard of education among them.
They are leading such a powerful education system and their students are provided with all those
requirements needed to enhance their ability in practical work. As many of the countries also
give opportunities to talented students from other countries so that they might give their research
a boost. The only thing that matters is the Quality of Education which is required to be
nourished among those with low education standards.
 Why students face problems in developing countries?
As for now, talking about the sources and investment that some countries need to improve their
education sector are not sufficient in all countries. That's why they face difficulties in providing
all of their students with a quality education needed to make them a brighter part ahead. In
Pakistan, all the educational institutions are not alike as Private sectors hold the whole system by
charging their desired fees and providing the so-called good education while on the other hand
government schools and colleges can't perform up to such standards due to lack of funding. In
short, a student with good financial status can reach his goal in this type of system. Like this,
some others such as African countries face more problems in pursuit of education due to their
little economy that can only sustain their living and education is far beyond their thoughts. The
parents also can't pay such a heavy amount to their government as almost every family lives hand
to mouth in African countries and some other developing countries.
Lack of proper guidance.
Guidance and proper counseling is necessary for every student that he can mend his way towards
the field of his interest because education without any aim is just beating about the bush. It
requires a massive guideline about the opportunities lying ahead of the students. Many of the
students give up their study not knowing their interest in any field even if the can do a much
greater work for research or any other purpose. Proper guidelines should be provided that
students should be aware of the opportunities and fields ahead.