Learning Management Software

ICTLMS is an open source learning management system based on Moodle which is the most popular distance learning platform with global open source  community at  your back to help and work with you . It enables  schools, academies,  colleges and universities  to  offer  advance distance  learning experience  to their  students  at their  homes  without interruption to their courses and curriculum.  


Open source / Open standards

ICTlms is the  best Opensource software whose source code is available for customization and modifications

Rebranding / Customization

User is able to do rebranding and customization as it is  a opensource software which consist source code too along with build


LMS application can be used on both mobile and Desktop. It have both Android and IOS applications available but can also be accessed through mobile browsers like Chrome and Safari

Live engagement

User can interact and engage live on Web conferencing module . User can engage himself with other users and teachers through live video audio calling and conferencing .


Marks assessment of papers, assignments, quizzes, etc can be managed through an online learning system

Content repository

Separate repositories for user to store and access their content


Easily accessible from any device


Statistics and analytic records of all users and their performances can be monitored on lms software

Tool variety

Multiple tools and modules to manage your learning management system

Course management (faculty)

Faculty can manage course according to their classes and students , Only allowed students will be able to attend classes and access courses . Faculty have full command over  their courses

Course management (Administrator)

Administrator can manage and operate courses accordingly. He can keep check and balance and have rights to do anything virtual learning system

Social Learning

Multiple moderators can teach and multiple users can attend multiple courses

Collaborative Tools & Activities

Shared notes , presentations , quiz , polls and many more things are easily accessible on LMS

Multi lingual Capabilities

Multi lingual options , Which means users can select from multiple languages

Manage User Rolls and Permissions

Administrator have ability to manage and define rolls and permissions of the users . Seperate rolls and permissions can be assigned through admin panel