The barrier to any possible communication is always a language barrier that may hinder effective coordination. So, in the case of education, such a language barrier should not come in the way of education otherwise an efficient educational pursuit will not be achievable. Learning in one's own language is a basic priority as it mitigates the effect of a foreign language on the minds of students. So, learning in the mother tongue makes a sense to make the students comfortable to learn and develop their interest in learning.

Research and some surveys predict that having a good mother language foundation leads to a much better understanding of the curriculum as well as a positive attitude towards school, so it is beneficial that priority for students should be their mother language so that they can get familiar with a new step of life.

1. Importance.
The importance of mother language should be kept in mind because when students develop their mother language education, they are simultaneously fostering a whole host of their essential skills, such as critical thinking and literacy skills. These are the skills which make them able to perform well in the future and research purposes. If a student learns to tackle the new problems within his language then it is not that difficult
to learn the same thing in any other language. This indicates that students should be made more productive by providing facilitation of the mother language at home.

2.Advantages of learning in the mother language.
It should be kept under consideration that a skillful future is waiting ahead of a student if he has got the concept and idea of his educational courses and this is only possible through proper language control. In this regard, some of the advantages of such learning include some points.-Mother language makes it easier for students to pick up the main concept and learn other languages. -Mother language develops student's personal, social, and cultural identity. -Using mother language helps a child develop their skills in critical thinking and literacy skills. -Research says that the students learning in their mother language becomes more efficient and skillful as they comprehend the whole concept.

3. Integration with technology.
The whole process and the possibility of learning in one's own mother language merely sitting at home are promised by better technology. The technology is playing important roles in every field of life. The use of a suitable technology can make things seem better in every way. The way of learning can be improved to a larger extent by some suitable software and apps which convert one language into others. So, a typical concept is that
conversion of language but its applications and benefits are long-lasting and far beyond our imagination.