Providing Education Online.
We are well aware of the ongoing situation about the disasters of COVID-19 and we don’t know
at what time it will be controlled so until then we have to make our lives adapted to the current
situation. Now the learning is going towards the online stage but many of the students will find
it difficult to adopt the new style and firstly they will try to escape it. So, this is the main thing
to tackle. ICTLMS includes a good response from both teachers as well as from the
students. If any of them fails to engage during the lecture time, it will bring no fruit towards the
main aim. So, firstly attention is necessary for both parties especially students. The whole set up
should be according to the need of the current education scenario. If a student sits and listens to
the teacher without engaging himself towards the concept this will be a type of passive learning
which is just a waste of time. So, a teacher should also know some skills to attract students to
the right track during the lecture.
Ways To Engage Yourself During Learning.
A student can easily be distracted by any of the things at home. So, a precise idea is required to
make some ways out of this problem. Here are some points which can help a student in this type
of learning. Firstly, a student should make a timetable for each and everything he is going to do
in these days basically about everything even for meals, sleeptime, playing etc.Then he should
follow the time table very strictly because it will help him to do his task at the proper time.
Then, he should revise whole of the course in some parts being made by him in short details so
he can easily remember. Next thing is that he engages himself during a lecture by knowing that
now it is the only way he can get an education rather than acquiring any other way. Then, he
should make his assignments in proper time that he should know the goal he has to achieve.
He should divide the big tasks into small ones so that he easily accomplish them.
Virtual School-A Problem Resolver.
Pakistan's government has also urged universities,schools, colleges, etc to maintain the
education in society at any cost that the whole future lies in the upcoming minds that are to be
nourished through virtual classrooms. Education is also being provided through the government channel to mitigate the loss
of education for those on primary levels because they have to learn at must conditions. A better
future is in the best teaching possibilities that we can provide to our youth.