ICTLMS is the hosted LMS project offered as a SaaS model. Its main components are open-source Moodle, open-source BigBlueButton with advanced computer telephony integration(CTI) to enhance its functionality. It is a leading concept for providing education to remote areas of the world using the online platform. It has a user-friendly LMS with an uncomplicated interface and easy drag-and-drop functionality. It also has extensive documentation and continuous usability enhancements that make it straight forward to learn and utilize.

ICTLMS is bestowed with some basic features which enhance its capability of providing efficient education in coordination with open-source moodle and BigBlueButton. The ICTLMS platform is constantly analyzed and upgraded to address the changing preferences of its large user base, as an advantage of its highly agile, open-source system. It features a modular configuration that facilitates a quick and cost-effective software development process. Moodle as a component of ICTLMS is available in over 100 languages, which makes it readily customizable per user locality or learning requirement. Again, as an open-source language, it facilitates constant new language translations.

This ICTLMS solution can be configured to your preferred teaching modality. You can use ICTLMS for exclusively online courses or blended pedagogy through simple setting- up of its features and using it in a very easy way. As an online platform, ICTLMS and integrated Moodle systems are accessible anytime, anywhere. It is also compatible with any browser and any access device, ensuring that all its page elements and functionalities are complete and arranged as the original page design.

ICTLMS resources are readily available to both ordinary users for information purposes and advanced users for software development and higher-level system modification. Its large user community and numerous plug-ins/add-ons provide the comprehensive support that further enhances its user experience. All-in-one calendar. Some of the main features include collaborative tools and activities, convenient file management, embed external sources, personalized dashboard, Regular security updates, peer and self-assessment, and a lot of other features are included. Now, considering its functionality for BigBlueButton a comprehensive approach is being done as it provides the users as teachers a live interaction with their students using this online platform.

The purpose of ICTLMS is to provide a safe and secure education. It may include setting up a network among the teachers and students so that they may get connected and proceed with their education. A suitable app scenario is provided by the ICTLMS for further ease of its users. A basic purpose is to serve the education system using technology.