Virtual Classroom Software

ICTClass is open-source virtual classroom software, web conferencing and video conferencing solution based on open source bigbluebutton . ICTClass enables teachers to engage and collaborate with their students online through chat, audio, video communcation.  ICTClass utilizes a HTML5 GUI. Using ICTClass requires no downloads, no modules, and no additional software. It loads inside the program with a solitary snap. The HTML5 client gives a brought together interface across work area, PC, Laptop , and cell phones (iOS 11+ and Android 6.0+). There is no application needed to be downloaded on cell phones, the HTML5 customer loads and runs inside the browser, on iOS (Safari Mobile) and Android (Google Chrome).


Open Source

Denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

Web Conferencing

Interact with student, teachers , faculty through Video , Audio , Chat via Web conferencing

Online Learning

Learn from home via Online learning system and attend live class online through Web Cam

Responsive User Interface

Responsive design which is compatible with any browser and Screen size

Mobile interface

Join the  live conference through mobile . No additional application required , You can join the live conference through Android (Chrome) and IOS (Safari) or any other web browser.


ICTCLass is virtual learning systme that is designed to fully leverage all that HTML5 provides for creating accessible applications.


ICTCLass uses the browser’s built-in capability for web real-time communciation (WebRTC). WebRTC allows the browsers to send/receive high-quality audio/video without plugins.

Tutoring/virtual office hours

Schedule your classes according to you

Flipped classroom

Recorded content after class is over so in you missed it , you can view it later

Group collaboration

Collaborative classrooms which may have multiple moderators and everyone can interact with each other

Full Online classes

Cloud based software facilitate with fully Online classes over internet with whiteboard , presentations , slides and notes options

Multi-user whiteboard

Multiple users can use the whiteboard which enhance learnings

Break out rooms

User can also draw on the whiteboard (if given permission by the presenter) and join a breakout room. A viewer, however, doesn’t have any control over the session itself. That’s the role of the moderator.

Chat (public and private)

Video chat software have public and private chat rooms option to interact with group or individuals accordingly


Polling option to conduct polls and surveys

Shared notes

Shared notes which can be downloaded or viewed by all users or custom users


Emojis to make the chat more viibrant