If you have been a user of LMS for some time and want to make a change in such a way to improvise to a new LMS such as ICTLMS then make sure you are doing it for the appropriate reasons. Some reasons should be under consideration that why you are making a change even all your content and users are connected and used to the given platform.

Here we will discuss some of the points that should be checked before you go to a new system rather than the old one.

1. Finding Difficulty in the current system.

One thing that should be kept in mind that switching to a new LMS is not such easy as it can be seen. This is because all the materials, contents, contacts, users, etc are well managed and interconnected with the current LMS but due to some difficulties or reasons you are switching to a new one. So, this will not only be difficult for you but also for the users connected with this platform. So, finding a suitable reason for such a change can be a key to your success as you can know the area which is to be improved. So, with the new LMS you can create a difference that was not possible with an existing one.

2. Compare and map features of both.

Making a switch should be considered optimistic and a general comparison should be held among both of the learning management systems as you can improvise the new one by making it free of the mistakes and flaws that you have seen in the previous system. Thus, this comparison will make your success achieved.

3. User engagement features.

Every course creator feels great when users use content and engage with the LMS with proper attention as it is the basic purpose of LMS to keep people connected at every cost and content sharing should be improvised to even better one. So, it is important that LMS can engage its user witH features like email courses, daily quizzes, and short learning procedures.

4. Newer content types.

Creating a new LMS can provoke a thought that now is the time to bestow your LMS with a newer content that the previous LMS may not have had. Since content creation is a difficult procedure and time consuming so LMS also provides its users with the facility of taking content from external sources in the form of videos, collages, etc are some of the types of contents that can be created easily.

5. Managing the content migration from older to newer LMS.

Knowing about the new account you should also be aware of content migration that is an important step in the whole of the procedure. Shifting your users, your content, all enrollments to a new platform you may also want the user's progress and reports to be ported over the new LMS however it is being made easy by LMS as such transitions can be fully automated or manual.

These were some points that should be kept in mind so that you can easily make progress even by making a change and check your liability with this new setup for learning purposes that is made easy by Learning Management System(LMS).